A lot of the posts on thotmag would be in the form of just questions. They will be tagged under the ‘Questions’ category of posts. I have not been able to get a complete grasp of building the blog to perfection.

This is a page that explains the mild background behind why I would be sharing posts in the form of questions..



I am curious about a lot of things.

We know with conviction that the Internet has vast volumes of knowledge of all  kinds, primarily because of the fact that it offers amazing mediums of communication platforms and technology that are nearly perfect in the present times in terms of speed and structural quality.

On the other hand, there has been another dimension of knowledge streamings, such as the television, the media, the news channels and the newspapers well before the Internet established itself as it is today.

The media of the modern world has a deep knowledge of the know-how of persuading the human minds. People know this, but as we are living in a highly complex society now, the more common and mainstream trend or rather habit, that is inherent in us as humans, is to ignore the fundamentals about what we should know (and what we know).

So you have the worldwide and national and regional news channels bombarding the viewers with information about major categorical streams of modern information – Technology, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Crime and so on. And then you have the Internet, which has a much wider and thicker scope of information stream, which has an ever-expanding scope.

The news channels, as we know it, are supposed to show things that are aligned with our modern day mental and social conditioning. But, the Internet, doesn’t follow those rules, because it is still largely an open source platform of the people at large. So on the Internet we have both kinds of information – the one that seems very normal, obvious, common, mainstream, believable and aligned with our social conditioning; and the other that is not even close to being normal or believable.

A naturally curious and open minded person would try to take advantage of all these knowledge sources, and in doing so he/she might stumble upon information that seem to be crap, bullshit and unbelievable.

But anyway, this section of thotmag is meant to share questions that may answers or may not. Nevertheless, it is perhaps really important to share one’s questions at the least.