Question Mark

In the pursuit of happiness

In the glory of social validation

What is Life

but a Question Mark?

For ever, do we await the Grand Life

For, never do we stop and contemplate Love.

And as we keep treading on, in ‘Life’, as they call it;

do we slowly become numb?

I stand dazed and confused,

like a little boy on a sea shore.

For I do not know, what to admire –

the Sea, the Shore, or the Sky?

Blurry remain the shores of Life

As my Soul longs for a different world

As if This is not where I belong

Is it not at the core of our Nature?

To long?

If only we were the Souls of Light

and not flesh & bones

If only we shone the Light of our Souls

and not faces & clones

Would we truly belong where we stand?

Would we truly contemplate Love as it is?


What is Life then, but a Question Mark?

As we still do not know,

Love, and the Truth.

As we rush to our deaths

and make our beds in our lovely little homes.

Are we truly aware? Are we really who we are inside?

Go on, then, my friend.

Stick your hands inside your body and pull the Heart out if you could.

Does it cry? Is it numb?

Does it writhe with pain? Is it only a crumb?

Life becomes what it truly should be

When we recognise our Hearts

And their pains.

And when, like Dark Horses,

do we hold the reins, moving forward,

and past Life’s glories & rains,

its disasters & colours.

Oh I am the Dark Horse.

The Master of Fighters.

The Lord of the Warriors of Love.

For I rever all those, who keep going on.

Rejected and in pain, wounded and dead-like.

I rever you all, my friends,

as you live, your lives.

Only to die one day

and get over This Question Mark.

Fight on.



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