The Soulful And Classic

Take it easy my child

For it is hard to be the perfect adult 

The modern world and its glories await you

As it would slowly wither away your courage and chivalry.


Take it easy my child.


Classic from within;

Real men are first real humans

Discovering Humility through Struggles

Sophistication in Simplicity

Extraordinary within Ordinary

Courage through Tears

Fortitude through Rejections


The journey will not be smooth

Questions upon questions you would have &

Doubts upon doubts,

About the disguised world around you.

Its shallowness awaits to befriend you

Disguised as compulsive necessities and rational temptations.


Be you. 

Being you demands self-awareness and self-evaluation

Because as long as you have a soul, the real you would only want the good.


Be you.

Being you takes courage. 

It brings pain,

For most out there are hung in between being real and otherwise. 

But authenticity my child, is what would set your soul free. 

No money, no woman, no firm can steal your authenticity. 



A time would come when you would yearn to be calmed into peaceful moments

When the animal in you would desire to be tamed through real Love

When the primitive human in you would seek compassion and companionship.

But never forget to evaluate every temptation

The right woman would notice your authenticity.


But, my friend, be not surprised at all,

If most do not see the beauty of your soul,

Be not disheartened

If most do not value the hues of your Love.

It is a confused world.

They love the easy and the exciting.

Spending their valuable time,

Over scrolling and texting.


Love fiercely like you mean it gently. 

Be gentle like you stand by it fiercely. 

Things are transactional in practical Life. 

Adventurism and convenience, are what she would seek.


Yet you don’t give in my child. 

Be strong. 

Respect her. 

Let her go if she does not feel your soul’s passionate yearning. 


Because Love is beyond the physical dimensions. 

Lust is within practical temptations.

Do not get caught in their delusional forms. 

Do not give in to the casual norms.


Even if you get distracted

Even if you give in

Evaluate every potential decision

Before giving in to any temptation.


Things that are truly soulful, often come off as dull.

“Boring”, as they call them, in the modern race of the present world;

Because they seek out constant stimulation

Quick gratification

And perfect validation.


But you, being a gentleman, do not mock those women and other people out of vengeance;

For they’d realize everything as they would grow into old age.


It is only you; and many alike you, who would die like brave men, with or without others’ appreciation.

With or without being remembered or longed for.

With or without being wanted at all.


Make a man of yourself. A real one. 

One who is authentic from within. 

One who respects physical labour. 

From failures you would learn. 

Mistakes you would repeat. 

But admit them when you really can

Apologize when you truly can

Because the world out there would never know


That you, are a real man.


Ansh Agrawal



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