What Matters For Us Today

I have been particularly influenced by some documentaries behind the working of world economy, central banking, financial bubbles and so on. I have also found certain informative documentaries that could perhaps impart us subtle information that might matter to us as humans for our own sake.

As much as technology and social media have been helping us getting connected along the way; they have at the very same time also deprived us of the many nuances of everyday connections we used to feel or live with back in the old times. Whether or not you realize the same, does not matter. What matters is, how long would you choose to ignore the things that actually matter?

We consume, vote, elect, abide and work. But many of us really fail to even answer some of the fundamental questions and notions behind how the present-day lifestyle works and the social, corporate, legal, governmental, economic machineries that make things happen.

There has always been an intangible and abstract disconnect or gap between the people or associations who make things happen in the world and us, the common people. We actually do not know many of the core workings of world institutions and social segments.

Guys it is my curiosity that makes me watch and read online. I still don’t understand bits of the stuff that I keep checking on, but it is still worth it.

We cannot really do away with the kind of lives we are living. It has both good and bad aspects. What we can still do, is acknowledge that yes we have been ignorant and then make some time to act upon whatever side of our curiosity moves us.

Keeping aside all the crap about conspiracy theories of the corporate and financial world, I encourage you to watch these realistic and believable documentaries:

Money and Life

Princes of the Yen

Four Horsemen

Money’s Ultimate Secrets and Logic

The Brain and Reality

Two sites to take note of:

  1. documentaryheaven.com
  2. topdocumentaryfilms.com



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