What Does This Mean?

Does this video indicate that the usual society and people living in it, are being harmed in the long run? The telescope in this place is used by scientists who try to figure out what is happening to different celestial bodies like stars in the Universe. The area enclosing the telescope is not supposed to have any modern-day electromagnetic signal based devices – wifi routers, cell phones and others. That is in order to let the telescopes work perfectly and receive the celestial information or signals properly. What does THIS imply? Doesn’t it mean that the scientists working in this area must be having specific in-depth knowledge about the workings of modern technology on humans and other living beings? Some knowledge which probably we are not aware of at an ordinary level of mass-awareness? Isn’t that why they as a collective group have tried to block out the interference of modern technology that is so pervasive in our lives today?

So what does this mean? Do the major world-scientific research organizations know about somethings which the common demography doesn’t? Technology, as we have always perceived it – have we been right? Is electromagnetic signal oriented technology adversely affecting our spiritual basis and abilities?

With Time, it seems, the world is growing more chaotic. And you never know, what’s been happening in reality and how we, the common people actually perceive it.

This video is a very subtle indication towards the contradictory implications of electromagnetic devices on living beings, specially humans. To recognize the significance of that subtle indication is what is important today.



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