Diamonds of the Internet

I consider myself to be fortunate enough to be able to use the Internet for self-knowledge and thought-inducing processes.

It really won’t matter to any body whether I share the important or valuable insights or not. But I still feel like sharing certain things, that I have found to be of immense intangible value in the online world.

A Vevo music video has several million views in a matter of days since it’s publishing; but there are more important sections in the online world that could actually make you think and live a little differently.

These online materials are not going to make you monetarily rich or lose weight in a matter of days or give the entertainment-value that the modern-day music videos give. And probably that is the reason why they don’t get several hundred million or a billion views. That is really sad.

Which is why, I have this weird desperation of sharing the information that I have stumbled upon, or the sources from where you can derive more value over a period of time.

Here are some Youtube videos that I think are epic in terms of the depth of information they can impart to the average human being who is vastly ignorant of the fundamental aspects of this world and has no curiosity at all:

  1. Who Am I
  2. Why People Have Affairs
  3. In Praise of Hugs
  4. Beauty
  5. The Sexual Fantasies of Others
  6. Why We’re All So Anxious
  7. Meaning of Life
  8. The Darkest Truth About Love
  9. Why We Look down on Low Wage Earners
  10. What’s wrong with the media
  11. The Problem of Fame
  12. What’s Education For?
  13. What are Universities for?
  14. Why God Wants You To Have Sex Every Friday
  15. What is ‘success’?
  16. The Best Documentary Series on Money, Economic System and the Secrets of The Financial World That We Are Living In Presently
  17. One of the Most Necessary Documentary about Mathematics
  18. Aaron Swartz Documentary
  19. The Wealthiest Family Dynasty On Earth and Probably The Reason Behind The Present Economic, Financial, Monetary and Socio-Cultural Problems Laden Society
  20. The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained In 4 Minutes
  21. Teenager Exposes The Banking System
  22. The Problem With The Modern Day Education System – Best Short Film Nomination in Bafta

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