Best Sites To Cope With The Online Chaos And Grow

There is too much of irrelevant talk going on these days on social media platforms of all kinds. People don’t know what they are on the Internet for and yet they end up reacting to and judging photos, captions, statuses, comments and what not.

With all the media and multimedia hype that has only been increasing in the age of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp; we are slowly starting to feel less efficient in terms of our productivity. We subconsciously feel there is something wrong with the world. There is something wrong with the kind of mindsets and habits we are indulging into without even realizing the negative changes in our lives.

People are busy putting up weird expressions in their photos, which have somehow managed to be eternally perceived as universally right in order to gain mass validation. That comes from the herd-mentality and social ignorance. There’s so much of stereotyping going on everywhere. Aren’t you sick of it?

Sometimes, I wish I could live in the Himalayas. 

To be honest, it is an age where most people know a lot. But very few of us actually take things seriously. And we end up in blames, criticisms, meaningless political and celebrity loyalty, social judgements, dogmas, etc. It is sickening to see the kind of habits people are developing.

Teenagers take pride in getting wasted.

Facebookers are addicted to liking and commenting even when the most important and urgent thing in their lives might be something else and smaller, easier, simpler. You spend so much time in being politically correct in your comments and posts; why not just let it go? 

People are in love with the insult-troll culture. Comedy is fine. But if you would have been at the receiving end of the world trolling you, you’d probably break down because you don’t have the psychological cushion of the celebrity-status.

We are mentally exhausted, drained and tired. Every night we wonder, what’s wrong with our lives. 

Yet, there is hope. Only if you could find the relevant stuff and tools on the chaotic and overloaded Information Superighway.

Below are the websites/apps that I have found to be absolutely useful and productive. You don’t need to fulfill conditions to be a part of these sites. All you need is an open mind and the willingness. To find out more about any of these sites specifically, you should check them out separately. The presence of these websites on the Internet makes all the sense to me (the top 12 are my favourites):

  1. edX
  2. Coursera
  4. Zenhabits
  5. Memrise
  6. Investopedia
  7. Project Gutenberg
  8. Instructables
  9. HowStuffWorks
  11. KhanAcademy
  12. Quora
  14. Youtube (for documentaries, tutorials, educational and informative materials)
  15. Soundcloud
  16. WolframAlpha
  17. Skype (I personally think we should Skype more often than use WhatsApp)
  18. Duolingo
  19. LifeHacker
  20. Pinterest
  21. Zippr
  22. Zomato
  23. GoodReads

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