The Proposal

This man really knows the meaning of ‘patience’ and ‘efforts’:

Another killer one:

And then, there are the failed ones…

(The video below shows exactly how bad things can go if we only stick to our situation-based expectations; expecting things to go our way. Making up one-track scenarios in one’s mind can be emotionally dangerous.)

We respect it.

I do.

There could be nothing better than a proposal being ‘perfectly special’ and seeing the best smile on her face as if it literally is the perfect definition of ‘happiness’ in the whole universe.

But seriously..

How much of our attachment to the notion of such proposals is acceptable or rational? We would have loved to accomplish infinite number of things including an extravagant successful proposal. But every person has several situations. Some are lucky. Others just manage. And some really can’t. So? Does that make a man, a failure at making the proposal a special one for her? 

So when does it really go into extremes?

It goes into extremes when the ladies probably start believing that a simple proposal is not worth it. A simple proposal is just not her thing. A simple proposal would really not ‘make her feel special’. Special enough to make it seem worth it.

It goes overboard and irrational when the value of the those special words and the real intention behind those words reduces; in exchange for an infinite rise in the value attached to the notion, regarding the ‘situation-based aspects’ of a proposal.

Anyway. Here’s a chiller for the guys out there:



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