The Dying Internet

Great one. Must rea write-up by Gaurav. Something that I actually tend to dive into to think upon..

Gaurav Chaplot

When the Internet was originally founded, websites were white and blue and consisted predominantly of text.

Fast forward to now and we have lavish websites, consisting of beautiful stock photography and font faces.

Google then vs Google now Google then vs Google now

We have smartphone apps which do our work without us needing to open our browser.

Snapchat, Instagram, Vine etc. run off images and videos, every app these days is focusing more on audio-visual.

It’s like the textual web is dying.

Or is it?

The Image Centric Web

New social networks are on the rise, Instagram is attracting teens and Snapchat is gaining the attention of the youth.


These apps are attaining huge user bases growing everyday.

A common trend among these evolving social networks is the form of content.


These apps are focused on images and videos, basically, audio-visual content.

Audio-visual is booming these days, everybody is trying to incorporate it into…

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