The Crave-And-Click Cycle

Wait wait wait…

Did it just hurt somebody there? You?


Congratulations. Your conscience just admitted you being one of those people.

It is really okay sometimes.. To give some relief to the reptilian parts of our brains by doing things that don’t make much sense anyway. It is okay to be mad. Okay to be crazy. 

And you know, like they preach and promote.. “Be Yourself”.

So yes it’s okay to flaunt and show off, even if that’s what ‘being yourself’ means to you.

But if doing that is highly important to you in almost every little/big social setting; and if you try to achieve social validation and the tag of being ” the-coolest-perfect-life-living-freak ” in someone’s heart and mind in every way possible.. then it sucks.

It sucks when it’s intentional (both consciously and subconsciously).

And we know that. We just like being in our degraded comfort zones. The comfort zone of denial. Even I may struggle with this. I actually do. But I am glad that I can accept and try to change.

While we try to pose with that bottle/can artistically; may be if we could actually focus on finding out if we are internally-happy enough to smile out the best version of ourselves for that click; it would probably be a much more fulfilling photographic moment for us. But.. it has a downside. Yes. The downside is that, it will be fulfilling for us only personally. Not socially. You know.. We won’t be able to show the social world out there that we:

  • are into Carlsberg, Redbull, Absolut, Bacardi and all others;
  • think that it makes us cooler (and perhaps..’hotter’, at the same time, for some folks);
  • actually want every single person on our Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram lists to notice that we are into drinks (and can manage them like the Pros-Of-Drinking)

Celebrating life is something. It makes every single silly photograph meaningful. Pretending to celebrate life and trying to get noticed just to make an impression in others’ minds is nothing but bullshit.  And believe it or not; some of our friends do understand when we are being genuine and when we are not.

And that brings me to another important consideration.

What’s more important to us? Being constantly validated in others’ eyes through Facebook, Whatsapp and others? Or just being personally content and happy?

Okay, being personally content also includes having a reasonably happy social life. But seriously. Even you know and realise when you do something purely unintentionally (and it is naturally fun, beautiful and bliss).. or even intentionally. Right?

We are talking deep shit here.

On the flipside, one cannot deny that social media presence matters. Also, the way we present ourselves online, matters. Companies evaluating our online profiles for recruitment makes it all the more important. Going by human nature, it’s obvious that anyone would like to present the best and most-approvable version of themselves out there. On Facebook and other platforms.

Perhaps, what really matters is what one wants. What one feels is more important to him/her.. To a certain degree we may and probably should strive for being the best version of ourselves socially.. But, what really matters is to realise the thin line of difference between


and merely


For me, definitely social approval is important, but the moments matter more; not the purposeless craving for the Cool-Quotient-Validation.

You may want to check this out:

Thank you for reading (may be with a hurt ego)..

Cheers (a drinkless one)..


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