Today’s Love

“Love” is __________….

I don’t know.

Perhaps the love that we expect to pursue successfully at some point in life, actually has something to do with our souls.

Perhaps it is meant to be spiritual in a way.

Perhaps, we are meant to be in love with another soul.

There is some sort of disconnect between what Love actually is and what most people at large perceive it to be. What we think Love is, is not actually just “Love”. It’s more of a “categorical Love”; “worldly Love”. And even I cannot deny, that humans need that love, and will probably always need it, until they find real Love.

Don’t be afraid of questioning the thinking-at-large. Don’t be afraid of analyzing today’s love lifestyle. Don’t run away from thinking about the meaningful. Don’t ignore the reality that we are living in. Live it. Face it. 

Can you?

This video showing Helen Fisher speaking on an interesting topic was filmed in February, 2006. Check it out below:

Another video of Helen Fisher was filmed in February, 2008. Here it goes:


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