The Spark

We don’t really talk about the things that should be talked about. We tend to ignore them. We do not want to face things upfront as they are. Our impressions and assumptions always seem to get along well with us.

But do they get along well with our lives as a whole?

That’s where Time interferes and we gradually realize that we missed out on some very valuable life-lessons or life-information which should have been talked about way before we started off like we did.

If one tends to believe that Charm; Attraction; Excitement; Spark (and whatever you may call them) are the foundations of one’s relationship.. That person is probably headed for some problematic situations later.

What people don’t tell you is that those things are not there “forever”. What your friends don’t tell you is that, you will not feel the same level of excitement forever. What you are not made to realize is that, “boredom” does arise and you cannot live in a state of denial.

Those things are the propellants of a strong bonding; a great chemistry; and a perfect beginning. But they surely do not represent a ‘collective guarantee’ towards an ever-successful-relationship.

One of the ways to make things work forever is to keep trying. Keep trying to be your best in the relationship and for your loved one. Other factors will follow. You know, if you really believe in the relationship, you will try your best.

May be, if we could help ourselves realize this and recognize the need to thoughtfully deal with the diminished charm; boredom; and disinterest – we might just actually have a successful relationship someday. And to deal with all of that, one really needs to identify the inherent significant values in a relationship and in one’s loved one; and think about whether it is really worth the struggle.


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