The First Step

That’s how it is right?

We never seem to realize what we are doing in its real essence when we are doing it. So we tend to get hit by subtle realizations after a few years or months or days. But generally, taking ‘life’ into consideration as spanning over a few years, it is “years”.

You could have done that in other ways 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years ago. Or may be you would have been better if you hadn’t done that at all..

Eventually, for some people, regrets follow.

Well, the take here is;

not to regret in an extreme way; but to only realize the good that you can take out of what you did.

So you start afresh again for the next few years.. Planning and visualizing, imagining your own best-scenarios accompanied by some scenario-oriented background music.

Perhaps.. At least, that’s how we move ahead mentally.


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