Have you ever read a quote and felt as if it perfectly fits in your life’s situations? Ever felt as if you could relate to that quote?

Well, “thotmag” is a thought magazine, presenting thoughts as quotes, as they crop up. Some pieces may be accompanied by videos or links.

Thoughts come and go; they keep changing. And so, it would not mean, that any or all of the thoughts, quotes and other materials presented on this blog would be permanently supported or endorsed by me.

This, is a way of letting those momentary thoughts out into the world. The shared material may be philosophical or even based on some particular topic or world event. Some one in one part of the world may be able to relate to philosophy, while another person may like something on a particular topic. That is the beauty of the Internet.

Isn’t it?

P.S – If you won’t be watching the videos shared on this blog, you’ll be missing out on a lot of useful information; insights; and knowledge. I believe they would make your moments on this blog more meaningful. 

Why a blog?

The words shared on thotmag is for everyone. Hence, a blog. Surely there are boundaries that separate people on the planet. But some thoughts, experiences and feelings connect us all and make us one. I believe in that.

Will thotmag be confined to specific topics?

Not really. It’s all about thoughts and emotions. Any topic. On thotmag, anyone may find anything interesting or useful. As long as even one piece of thotmag makes sense to any reader, the blog’s purpose will be fulfilled.

Who would I love to connect through thotmag?

Establishing meaningful connections with others through thotmag would be all about our perceptions. 

People who are positive; people who struggle with negativity… people who feel lonely and worthless; people who feel ecstatic.. people who are in love with randomness; people who like to analyze things. Precisely, thotmag has no boundaries. 

Feel free to catch up and express yourself. I would love to establish friendly connections through thotmag 🙂

Welcome to thotmag – The Thought Magazine.

Quotes By – Ansh Agrawal (Blog Author)

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